W.M. McClain Adds Zoeller Engineered Products Line

W.M. McClain Company is pleased to announce that as of early 2018, we are now representing Zoeller Engineered Products (ZEP), a company with decades of experience in the industrial and municipal water industry. ZEP is known for its top-of-the-line design and construction of complete customized pump systems for moving wastewater. 

Since 1991, ZEP –– an extension of Zoeller Company in Louisville, KY –– began offering customized pumps and systems, built and serialized to customers' exact specs and requirements.

"We are proud to now be offering the ZEP product," said Jim McClain, principal at W.M. McClain Company. "ZEP custom pumps are sophisticated, industry respected solutions to wastewater management."

Zoeller Engineered Products specializes in products for storm water removal, sewage pumping stations, and hazardous location applications for residential, commercial and municipal markets. Available from 1/2 BHP to 100 BHP, each pump is customized by design, manufacture and installation according to exact application needs.

The mission of ZEP is to continue to offer high quality products, services and technologies designed to provide value, while serving society and protecting the environment; to continue to stay consistent with the integrity and values on which the Company was built.

For more information about ZEP, contact W.M. McClain Company at (615) 226-1026.