W.M. McClain Adds Vestal Manufacturing Line

W.M. McClain Company is pleased to announce that as of April 1, 2016, we will be representing Vestal Manufacturing, located for over sixty-five years in Sweetwater, Tennessee.

Vestal Manufacturing provides the hightest quality USA-Made gray iron castings to our customers, proud of its American craftsmanship and technology, and backed by a focus on quality. 

Since 1946, Vestal's goal has been to produce superior products on a timely schedule.

Automatic molding is accomplished through three machines: FBO-3 Roberts Sinto -20”x26”, Herman Mold Master - 34”x44”, and the International Jolt Squeeze line – 34”x56.”

Vestal's foundry offers a wide variety of capabilities. W.M. McClain looks forward to providing Vestal's products to our customers.